The following files are provided to support grant submissions. They describe BioWorkshop instruments and facilities.

  • Equipment Description in NIH format: .pdf  |  .docx
  • Facilities Description in NIH format: .pdf  |  .docx

The following specialized software is available on BioWorkshop workstations:

  • CellSens: Olympus image analysis and deconvolution suite
  • JPK DP: AFM data processing software
  • Prime Express: QuantStudio real time PCR primer design
  • Magellan: Tecan Spark plate reader data analysis
  • Empower 3: Waters GPC chromatography analysis
  • Chromeleon 7: UltiMate 3000 chromatography analysis
  • OPUS 7.8 : FT-IR Spectroscopy data analysis
  • BD FACSDiva: BD Flow Cytometry data analysis
  • Biacore T200 Evaluation Software: Biacore SPR data analysis

The following free software is available for download using the following links:

Educational Resources: