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Users must acknowledge the BioWorkshop in all publications utilizing BioWorkshop instrumentation/facilities/staff with the following statement: “We acknowledge the BioWorkshop core facility in the Fischell Department of Bioengineering at the University of Maryland – College Park for [insert instrument(s) names / brief description of assistance].”

The BioWorkshop is committed to helping users generate high quality data to start, support, and grow their research. PIs without external funding that could leverage BioWorkshop resources in generating preliminary data should contact BioWorkshop staff to submit a brief Research Support Proposal that enables free access to generate the key data.

Overview of training workflow
  • Training, reservations, and other core facility activities are carried out through an online system, iLab.
  • A user first establishes an iLab account and request to join their PI’s lab in iLab. PI assigns their lab member an active KFS number(s).
  • The user may then request training for a specific instrument in iLab. Each instrument has a unique training.
  • After completion of the in-person training, the user is granted access to the instrument during regular business hours (M-F, 9am-5pm) for a probation period (1 month). This provides the ability to make reservations for the instrument in iLab, and the ability to log into the computer controlling the instrument.
  • During the probation period, BioWorkshop staff will evaluate mastery of the instrument(s) and instrument policies. If needed, 24/7 access can be requested when proficiency is demonstrated.
Users may only be trained by BioWorkshop staff. Trained users may not share access or train other individuals.
If users have not operated a particular instrument on which they are trained in the previous 6 months, BioWorkshop staff may require users to demonstrate appropriate use of the instrument, or require a refresher training at the user’s normal training rates.
Undergraduate researchers may not use instruments in the BioWorkshop, except in cases where a policy exception is granted by authorized BioWorkshop staff. Send inquiries to the BioWorkshop Director.
Overview of reservation workflow
  • Training, reservations, and other core facility activities are carried out through an online system, iLab.
  • Once trained on a specific instrument, users are able to make reservations for that instrument using iLab.
  • At the scheduled reservation time, users then enter the BioWorkshop, login to the reserved instrument computer, and carry out their measurements/experiments.
  • Users follow designated start-up, shut down, and safety procedures during all reservations.
Users must log into the BioWorkshop workstations and other computers using their own UMD credentials.
Users may never share their accounts with other individuals (even if in the same lab and if someone else is trained).

Users are responsible for immediate collection and backup of their data using UMD Cloud Storage via Kumo. Follow the link ( to choose a preferred storage option. The core facility does not provide archival or storage services for data. Instrument computers and workstations are purged weekly. Any data that are stored on the server are subject to automatic deletion without notice.

Overview of billing workflow
  • During initial lab setup, PI adds KFS numbers to their lab’s profile.
  • BioWorkshop verifies KFS numbers.
  • As users request to join the PI’s lab, the PI assigns desired KFS number(s) to each user.
  • Users schedule and complete trainings and reservations per the procedures listed above.
  • Monthly, charges are applied to the KFS numbers and deducted based on user training/reservations and the corresponding KFS numbers.
  • Cancellations can be made through iLab 24 hours in advance of the scheduled reservation.
  • In the unlikely event a user must cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled reservation, users must contact BioWorkshop staff. Cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled reservation are granted at the staff’s discretion. If the entire reservation is not needed during the reservation, users can contact BioWorkshop staff to cancel the unneeded usage. 
  • Users must complete their reservation at the scheduled time, or extend the appointment if the calendar is open. Otherwise, the appointment must end no later than the scheduled time.
  • To extend an ongoing session, or to use an instrument “last-minute”, first verify the instrument is available through the iLab calendar, then update your reservation or create a new reservation for the desired time.
  • Missed reservations or training appointments, unused time during a reservation, and reservation overruns (scheduled or unscheduled) are charged at the current rates.
  • Trained and authorized BioWorkshop users will be granted access to the BioWorkshop space, but not to any surrounding areas of A. James Clark Hall.
  • Users must follow department and BioWorkshop PPE requirements. This includes gowning with a blue lab coat and gloves upon entry of the BioWorkshop for any period time. Additionally, safety glasses are recommended.
  • All PIs and users of the BioWorkshop must be in compliance with University safety guidelines and policies. This includes approval and training to work in BSL2 or BSL2+ space. PIs and users will be required to certify compliance when joining the BioWorkshop and requesting training. PIs should contact ESSR to ensure their IBC, BIORAFT, and other compliance documents are updated for the BioWorkshop, instruments to be used, samples to be used, etc.
  • All users will be required to complete a safety survey of the materials they will use for each instrument prior to training, to certify they have approval to work with those materials and enter BSL2 lab space, and confirmation they will inform the BioWorkshop before using any other type of sample (even if already trained on instrument).
  • Users of the following instruments are required to pass the online Radiation Safety training course prior to training and must have a certificate of completion on file with the Core facility: MicroCT.
  • Live animals are prohibited in the BioWorkshop.
  • Users of the following instruments are required to pass the online Laser Safety Training course prior to training and must have a certificate of completion on file with the Core facility: Confocal microscope
  • Gloves must be worn at all times in the BioWorkshop, including during use of instruments. Three violations will revoke a user’s privilege to use the BioWorkshop.
  • The BioWorkshop reserves the right to restrict or remove access to any user or lab at any time for policy violations, scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, vendor training, and additional operational needs.

Immediately report any equipment failure or damage to facility staff. The last user on the instrument logs is responsible for all unreported damage. Additionally, any user operating instruments without training, not following facility procedures/policies, or damaging equipment (unintentionally or intentionally) will be financially responsible for any damage. The user is also subject to loss of their access and the access of their PI’s lab to the BioWorkshop.